Customers have the option of sending cargo either by Sea or by Air.
By Sea, it will take 6 weeks from the departure date and by Air, it will take 5 business days. Dispatch EVERY FRIDAY and goods can be collected or delivered in Nairobi the following Wednesday or at the latest Thursday's following departure.
By Sea we currently ship a single pallet on a monthly basis. By Air we send cargo once a week, please make sure we have received the goods by the Thursday in order to be shipped for Friday
We can collect from clients doorstep, whether home or office.
We can deliver to any address in Kenya and there will be some extra fee for that, depending on the town or city. Please call our office on
+44 (0) 7949 531 238 to arrange your delivery or to get more information.s
Other than the stuff in our price list, the rest we charge £2.50 per kilo + £20 handling fee by sea. By Air we charge £5.95 per kilo plus a £20 handling fee. These charges are inclusive of all customs charges.
By sea we ship anything and everything as long as it is legal. There are certain restrictions when it comes to air cargo. Restricted items (perfumes, sprays, laptops, mobile phones, weapons or anything flammable or hazardous) are not allowed.
Pack your parcels with care and securely either in carton boxes, suitcases, bags, plastic barrels as long as it’s safe. Make sure you have maximized all the space inside, you should also pay more attention to fragile items.
Yes we can pack for you everything you want at a fee.
Yes you can deposit the equivalent amount as per prevailing CBK (Central Bank of Kenya) exchange rate into our Kenya account or pay at the store. We also allow for payment to be made by the receiver in Kenya.
On arrival we alert our clients by a text messages.
When the goods arrive in Nairobi, you will receive a text message to confirm arrival and a reference number which you forward to the receiver. The receiver then goes with ID and ref number for collection. We can also deliver to your door anywhere in Nairobi and environs, for deliveries upcountry we can arrange an approved third party courier company.
You can deposit the equivalent amount as per prevailing CBK exchange rate into our Kenya Account or pay at the store. We also allow for payment to be made by the receiver in Kenya in our account.

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