Door To Door

Kenya Exports offers door to door shipping from UK to Ghana so whatever your need is whether you have excess baggage, relocating to Ghana, moving home (from UK to Ghana), going on holidays, buying in UK and selling in Ghana, sending parcels to your families and friends etc.. just give us a call and we will pick from wherever you are in the UK.

Rates : From £30

Online Shopping

The online shopping is an opportunity for all Ghanaian residents to shop directly from the UK and have it delivered to their homes in Ghana through Kenya Exports without necessarily travelling to the UK.

RoRo Services

Kenya Exports can arrange to ship your motorcars, vans, trucks, etc. and also help with the clearance in Ghana.

Rates : from £500

Own Container

Kenya Exports can arrange your container shipment whether 20ft or 40ft; personal or commercial goods. Contact is for more details and assistance.

Rates : from £1,500
Kenya Exports BUYING FROM


We buy a large range of UK products and sell in Ghana as we have the links with top UK wholesalers and suppliers, so whatever your need is we deal in products like television, clothing, phones, bags, cars, carpets, jewellery, watches, musical instruments, videos games, bicycles, furniture, machinery, gifts etc.

Why buy fake expensive products from elsewhere if you can get the best UK products at cheaper prices from us. For those individuals, small and medium size enterprises and large businesses looking to buying from UK and selling in Ghana, Kenya Exports